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Creative. Candid. Passionate.


Hey I’m Marly. 

I’m from Brooklyn but consider myself a citizen of the world. With the dreams of my immigrant parents at my back, I studied Criminal Justice in Boston, anthropology in Accra and learned Spanish and (a love for tanned surfers) in San Jose. 

As a communications organizer in Brooklyn, I used emerging technology to tell stories and galvanize communities around social justice issues and movements. And now in Amsterdam I’m a UX leader - driving cross department UX and product visions and strategies.

These places and experiences have all contributed to who I am as a creator. My sweet spot is projects that are use multiple mediums to tell stories that haven’t been told yet in new and innovative ways. Projects that challenge the status quo, facilitate authentic expression and where I can bring my full self to the table. 

Whether it’s zines, meetups or product features, I get deep satisfaction from both the process and the outcome of creating something new that adds enduring value to people and culture. As a self starter, I live for turning ideas into real tangible outcomes. 

I’m also working on a collection of poetry, trying to bend and not break doing yoga, listening to entirely too many podcasts, and tirelessly digging through thrift store bins.




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